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Lion Forge May 2018 cover
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Editor's Note: Lion Forge has asked to remove three titles from their May 2018 solicitations listings - Noble #11, Voltron Vol. 3 #3, and Promethians Vol. 1.The publisher has also provided additional covers not given previously.

Writer: Jean-Francois Chabas
Artist: David Sala
An ornate chest attracts the attention of a greedy King. But there's a problem: nothing and nobody can open the chest. Only the Lynx, whose magical eyes allow her to see through anything, can satisfy the King's curiosity. The story, like the chest, contains a beautiful and mysterious core, about how the treasures we crave may not be what we truly desire.

GHOST MONEY #10 (of #10)
Writer: Thierry Smolderen
Artist: Dominique Bertail
The source of Chamza's money has been identified, and it points damning fingers back at those who sought it so fervently in the first place. As civilians turn soldiers, the future of the globe teeters on the precipice of a New World Order. The thrilling conclusion to this ten part neo political adventure.

Writer: Joe Casey
Artists: ChrisCross, Rob Stull, Jessica Kholinne
Cover Artists: Dean Haspiel, Snakebite Cortez
Just when he thought he escaped, Alistair Meath finds himself within another virtual world built by Aturo, the scientist who stole his body from Foresight and has since been conducting experiments to brainwash Alistair by using the identity of superhero KINO. Can Meath escape and return to his family? Or does Aturo have more up his sleeve than realized?

Writer: Amy Chu
Artists: Federico Dallocchio, Christopher Sotomayor
Cover Artist: Valentine Delandro
After saving Fiona from the hands of mercenaries and beginning to heal from the loss of her team and her girlfriend Kay, Val has begun teaching at MIT. J.B.'s team of young scientists is eager to learn more about Val's powers, but Val is less eager about being a "superhero." But when a giant robot strikes the campus, well, what's a genius scientist with superpowers to do?  

Writer: Amy Chu
Artists: Jan Duursema, Paul Mounts, Kelly Fitzpatrick
It’s a long, hard road toward recovery.   In the aftermath of The Event, Valentina “Val” Resnick Baker, the sole survivor of The Event space mission, is now haunted by the loss of her teammates and her girlfriend Kay. Val also discovers her survival had the shocking side effect of bestowing her with superpowers. While the rest of the world begins to move on, Val finds she still has a long road ahead of her.

Writer: Dave Scheidt
Artists: Scoot McMahon, mason Dickerson, Sean Dove
What happens when you combine mummies, ninjas, and fighting dads? Find out in “Dadliest Warrior”! When Milo sneaks on board a ship, he discovers his dad isn’t just a mummy, he’s Master Mummy, expert in martial arts. But will the evil ninjas also aboard the ship be too tough to defeat on their escape back home?  

Writer/Artist: Brandon Reese
Oothar the Barbarian is blue. He just doesn't feel like slaying dragons today. He can't bring himself to banish uberwraiths to the ninth dimension. His gauntlet of a thousand souls has lost its luster. What is a melancholy barbarian to do? Join Oothar on his quest for happiness and maybe find a new purpose of your own.

Writer: Joe Casey
Artists: Damion Scott, Robert Campaella, Sigmund Torre
Running faster than the speed of sound and beating up bad guys on the weekends sounded like the high life, right? That’s what Daniel Dos Santos first thought when he put on the costume. Now Daniel is finding out things aren’t so simple. With new faces showing up on the block offering both aid and harm, is Daniel ready for the next set of challenges that face him?

Writer: Sibylline Desmazières, Capucine
Artist: Jérôme d'Aviau
Alphonse Tabouret was born on a stump in the woods and immediately had a million questions for his maker, who, frustrated by the questions, left him to figure things out for himself. So he sets off on a fantastical journey of self discovery, pondering Life, Loss, Friendship, Loneliness, and Love with every creature he meets.
- A whimsical fairy tale for all ages—visually appealing for young readers and early teens, but with philosophical layers that will appeal to adults as well.
- Beautiful hardcover presentation.

Writer: Joe Casey
Artists: Damion Scott, Sigmund Torre
Daniel Dos Santos has been through a lot since he got his powers from a meteor rock that he found after "The Event": fighting against a barrage of colorful villains, learning the limits of his powers, and trying to hold together his relationship with his girlfriend, Monica Hayes. Life hasn't been easy for Daniel, and right now, he just wants to be normal and maybe make some money.  But what is "normal" when you have the power to speed through layers of space and time?

Writer: Alex de Campi
Artists: Pop Mhan, Jessica Kholinne
Cover Artist: Cully Hamner
Magnus is on the outs with his only two supporters, Sasha and Adila, after his reckless actions last issue. Charles, the FBI Branch Seven agent who's taken Magnus under protective custody, offers a distraction in the form of learning more about Magnus's powers. What follows is more mind bending horror; as Magnus opens his mind, he learns more about the real demons lurking in the shadows.

Writer: Joe Casey
Artists: Will Rosado, Snakebite Cortez
Taylor, Nuke, and Vanessa's latest mission was a failure, or at least it was according to Bo. The old team is growing further and further away from their leader, while the new team is still not fully on board with what Bo and Marko are selling. In an attempt to bring together their team, Marko and Bo devise a plan that will hopefully fix the fractures. Will their solution breach the gaps between the group or only drive them all further apart?

Writer: Raule
Artist: Roger
Jazz and Teo are hot on the trail of the priceless Golden Eye, but the current owner is an Icelandic nationalist with no intention of giving it up willingly. When Teo follows a lead on his own, he finds himself in more hot water than he can handle . . .

Writers: Lewis Trondheim, Zep
Artist: Dominique Bertail
Chased by a murderous, corpse eating Kornalien, Agent Yoko Keren has dwindling minutes left to stop the mob attacking the Inifinity 8's engine core before everything is destroyed. Trapped outside the ship, her only option lies in the one person she's been trying to avoid. The exciting conclusion to the first story arc in the epic, eight part space opera!

Writers: Art Baltazar, Franco
Artists: Chris Giarrusso, Art Baltazar, Stephen Mayer
Who knew ribbons could be a secret weapon? But these aren’t just ribbons; these are electric, telepathic ribbon tentacles controlled by a fearsome villain dead set on stealing the pods! Encounter is on the case, and this superhero, along with his sidekick Barko, will do anything to protect his friends . . . and the pods!  

Writer/Artist: Daniel Lieske
This gorgeous fantasy epic follows Jonas, a young boy from our human world, who stumbles into an alternate universe through a painting in his grandmother's attic. When the portal closes behind him Jonas must find another way home and begins a journey through this strange and fascinating land. Along the way he meets Raya, who becomes his guardian in the new world. But there are many things Raya is not telling Jonas, and this world is not peaceful.

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