Credit: DC Comics

Drop Dead Diva actress April Bowlby has been cast as Rita Farr a.k.a. the size-changing Elasti-Girl on DC's Titans live-action show, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Bowlby's reported casting marks the second member of the Doom Patrol said to have been cast for Titans following reports of Bruno Bichir taking the role of Niles Caulder.

In comic books, Rita Farr is a former actress who was exposed to mysterious volcanic gasses while filming on location in Africa. Following her exposure, Farr develops size-changing powers, leading to her recruitment by Caulder as one of the first members of his Doom Patrol.

Farr later married her teammate Steve Dayton, a.k.a. Mento, and the pair adopt Gar Logan who becomes the Doom Patrol's Beast Boy. Actor Ryan potter portrays Beast Boy on Titans.

Titans will debut on DC's impending proprietary streaming app on an unspecified date. The Doom Patrol is expected to debut in the series fifth episode, also titled "Doom Patrol."

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