Updated: Does Marvel's 'Fresh Start' AVENGERS Relaunch Mean No AVENGERS #700? Turns Out, MARVEL Has A Workaround

'Avengers: No Surrender' covers
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Updated February 20, 2018 at 6:22 p.m. EST: Marvel have issued a correction to IGN's earlier reporting, saying that the large-numbered "Marvel Legacy" books will keep their numbers going into "Fresh Start" while also being renumbered to #1. This would keep Avengers on-target for a #700, but might cause a bit of confusion. For more on this dual numbering, click here.

Original Story: Now that Marvel is relaunching Avengers with a new #1 this May, it seems one of the biggest milestones foretold by the onset of the publisher's "Legacy" relaunch may go uncelebrated, as the current volume of Avengers will end with April's #690 - just ten issues shy of a milestone Avengers #700.

Other titles such as Captain America, Iron Man, and Daredevil celebrated milestone issues as part of "Legacy," though some like Incredible Hulk and Doctor Strange missed what would have been major milestones in their titles.

Avengers isn't the only title going back to a new #1 in May either. Venom (another title that was renumbered with "Legacy" numbering starting with #150) was also announced to be relaunching in May, with IGN paraphrasing Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort as saying that Marvel has more relaunches to come - with the "Legacy" numbering going away almost entirely as part of their 2018 "Fresh Start" initiative.

Credit: Marvel Comics

According to IGN, Brevoort also said that the "Legacy" numbering could stay around on some titles in "subordinate fashion," presumably meaning as a second number displayed below the number of the current volume - though, in IGN's words, Brevoort "favors keeping things as clear and unconfusing as possible for readers."

Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness' new Avengers #1 will be on shelves in May - just in time for Avengers: Infinity War - and features a team made up primarily of characters from TV and movies, most of whom will appear in Infinity War themselves, so the timing of a new #1 makes sense.

The new Avengers series is scheduled to ship 18 times a year - meaning if Marvel wants to hit that Avengers #700 milestone by the release of Infinity War's still officially untitled sequel next May, they've got plenty of time for a "subordinate" #700 or perhaps a standalone special outside the Avengers ongoing itself.

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