BLACK PANTHER Tracking Ahead of TOMB RAIDER For Fifth Straight Domestic Box Office Victory

Still from 'Black Panther'
Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

Updated March 16, 2018: Weekend domestic box office predictions from both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety put Black Panther on top for another frame, forecasting that the evergreen Marvel Studios blockbuster will top this weekend's Tomb Raider reboot film for its fifth straight weekend as the country's number one film, the first time that feat has been accomplished since 2009-2010's Avatar

Both Hollywood trades predict a weekend domestic haul of $27-28 million for Black Panther which will take it over $600m here in North America, while Tomb Raider is tracking for a $21-24 million domestic opening.

Updated March 13, 2018: Marvel Studios' Black Panther has entered rarified air, becoming the 20th-highest grossing film of all time worldwide at $1.09 billion, replacing Warner Bros.'s Dark Knight Rises ($1.085b), according to Variety.

Chadwick Boseman's film remains fifth in overall Marvel Studios' global box office rankings, behind Captain America: Civil War ($1.153 billion), Iron Man 3 ($1.214b), Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1.405b), and Avengers ($1.518b).

Counting all ticket sales through Monday evening, Black Panther has earned $565.7 million domestically and $528m internationally- the latter buoyed by the film's opening last week in China.

Updated March 5, 2018: After its third weekend at the box office, Marvel Studios' Black Panther has earned $501 million domestically and an overall $897m worldwide, according to Forbes.

That $501m North American figure makes Black Panther the second-largest Marvel Studios' film domestically ever, behind The Avengers ($623.4m).

In terms of overall box office, Black Panther is fifth behind Captain America: Civil War ($1.153 billion), Iron Man 3 ($1.214b), Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1.405b), and Avengers ($1.518b).

Updated February 26, 2018: Black Panther continued to dominate the box office jungle over the weekend, with a new grand total of $707.6m globally, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Black Panther earned $111.7m domestically over the weekend after just a 45% second weekend decline (Avengers fell 50.3%, for comparison), which puts it in rarefied air - the only film to have a higher gross in its second weekend is Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

To date, Black Panther has earned $403.6m domestically, making it the highest-grossing February film ever - and already the fifth-highest Marvel Studios film, after Captain America Civil War ($408m), Iron Man 3 ($409m), Avengers: Age of Ultron ($459m), and The Avengers ($623.4m).

It is currently outpacing 2012's The Avengers after ten days of release by $30 million, $403.6m to $373m. The Avengers went on to gross $623m domestically. 

"The movie continues to play ahead of our modeling," said Dave Hollis, Disney's head of film distribution. "It has become a cultural phenomenon. This is a movie audiences were hoping for, and that delivered beyond expectations."

Updated February 23, 2018: Marvel Studios' Black Panther has earned $520m worldwide at the box office - the $292m domestic part of that the quickest ever for an MCU film (beating Avengers' $272m in 2012), according to Variety. The Ryan Coogler-helmed film is showing strong sustaining power in North America, with its Thursday box office ($14.3m) outstripping all MCU films as well for that day of the week.

Deadline projects the film to reap $700m globally by this Monday.

The film opens March 1 in Japan and March 9 in China.

Updated February 19, 2018 at 8:55 a.m. EST: Marvel Studios' Black Panther continues to exceed expectations, with estimates for Sunday's box office giving it a $201-202m domestic take and $169m international one, according to Deadline.

Domestically, those three-day numbers would make it the fifth-highest ever behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($247.9m), Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($220m), Jurassic World ($208.8m), and Avengers ($207.4m).

But box office forecasters are expecting an exceedingly large Monday box office due to the President's Day holiday, with some pegging it to reach $241 to $243m - which would be the second-best ever, after only The Force Awakens.

Black Panther's $169m international take makes it the fifteenth-highest in that race, but its hampered by delayed rollouts in China, Russia, and Japan.

Original Story: Marvel Studios' Black Panther is surpassing even the most optimistic of projected box office, with Deadline now calculating its domestic gross at $168.4m with Sunday and the Monday holiday to go. The trade's estimates estimate it having a three-day domestic take of $194m and a four-day of between $223 to $230m.

If that three-day projection holds up, it would surpass Avengers: Age of Ultron ($204.m) to become the fith-best domestic opening of all-time. That's also well ahead of Captain America: Civil War, which had $179.1m in 2016.

Although that wouldn't beat Avengers three-day opening of  $207.4m, the President's Day holiday could help Black Panther surpass it there if the $223 to $230m estimate holds. Avengers earned $226.3m after four days in domestic theaters.

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