Post Game TV Recaps: FRINGE Season 2 Episode 1

Post Game TV Recaps: FRINGE Season 2 Ep

Newsarama Note: The new TV season officially kicked off this week, and that means the return of Post Game! In this column, we'll have a variety of contributers from our Best Shots and Blog@ crews taking a look at the biggest sci-fi and genre shows, providing recaps and commentary. For our first of the season, welcome newcomer Chanel Reeder, with a look at the sophomore season premiere of Fox's Fringe. The nature of the column allows for SPOILERS, so consider yourself warned.

“Be a better man than your father”

Spoiler alert: I’m too excited about the new episode to keep this quiet.  The premiere of the second season of Fox’s Fringe kept pace with its first season with its edge of the seat moments and a storyline that always keeps you guessing.  The episode did a great job of renewing excitement for its former viewers while also making it easy for new viewers to jump right in.

At the end of last season, the existence of an alternate reality/universe was being explored by the Fringe division, more specifically by Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), who’s complicated past leads her to seek answers in this other dimension.

Thrust back to reality by what seems to be a car crash; Agent Dunham awakes from her comatose stage confused, with only a faint recollection of where she had been and what she had experienced.  Shaken, she tries to piece together her memories and find out what lead her to wake with the idea that she has a mission to accomplish.

Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) is right by her side and is determined to solve the mystery that surrounds Olivia’s arrival from the alternate reality.  However, the Fringe division is on the verge of being shut down by the government, so with the division’s Special Agent Broyles (Lance Reddick) visiting Washington to plead his case, Peter has few left to turn to for help.

With the introduction of a new character in the lineup, FBI Agent Jessup (Megan Markle), Peter finds a sympathetic champion of his search for answers and places her trust with his knowledge of Fringe and his formerly institutionalized scientist father, Walter Bishop’s (John Noble) experience. 

I have to throw this in too…as always; one of the most endearing aspects of the show is Walter Bishop.  How can you not feel for the character that is making custard for his son’s birthday while performing an autopsy at the same time?  And the same character that puts a birthday hat on his cow for the surprise party?  He is such an empathetic character, which may later be his downfall in the plotline.

There was a very X-Files-esque feel to the episode, especially with the communication from the typewriter to the other dimension, or as they call it, “over there.”  With the shape-shifter twist that those from “over there” can take the form of anyone, it reminded me of the classic X-Files tag line, “Trust No One.”  Indeed, the end of the episode only reinforced this with the shot of Charlie being thrown into the incinerator by Charlie himself.  How do you know who to trust?  This also made me question Peter, and if he is the alternate reality Peter, will that have some effect on his future actions?  But bravo to Peter for taking a stand and reminding Agent Broyles that the Fringe division should not go down without a fight!

It will be exciting to see where the second season takes us.  With a premiere like that, I feel that a promising future is ahead. 

So many twist and turns in the first episode…I’m still digesting and speculating, so why don't you join in?

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