Black Panther
Credit: Marvel Studios

In addition to being a great film, Marvel Studios' Black Panther also worked as a tourist commercial to visit the fictional nation of Wakanda. Sure they have tight security (and there's that whole "fictional" thing to be addressed), but if you did want to visit Wakanda... where would you go?

Credit: Ta-Nehisi Coates & Manny Mederos (Marvel Comics)

In the original comic books, the location has changed over time. The first map of Wakanda back in 1973's Jungle Action #6 showed the Atlantic coastline to the west of it, inferring it was roughly where the Republic of Cameroon is now. That changed two issues later, with a revised map placing it somewhere off the eastern coast of Africa facing the Indian Ocean.

Over the years the location kept shifting between Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe to the 2016 Marvel Atlas, but in the beginning of Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze's Black Panther run they squarely established it on the western shores Africa's Lake Victoria - having it overlap with the real-life borders of Uganda and Tanzania.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wakanda is situated around Lake Turkana (Something established in comic books with the 2016 Marvel Atlas but later changed in Coates' Black Panther). Cartographers would recognize this as the point where Uganda, Kenyda, Ethiopia, and South Sudan meet - known as the Ilemi Triangle.

Either way, if you go there we doubt you'll find Wakanda - but contact us if you do, we'd love to run your story.

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