FANTASTIC FOUR's Return Set Up In MARVEL 2-IN-ONE #3 (But Not the One You Think) - SPOILERS

Marvel 2-In-One #3
Credit: Marvel Comics

Writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Valerio Schiti's Marvel 2-In-One #3 adds another adventurer to the Human Torch and the Thing’s multiverse exploration team this week and sets a direct course for the return of the Fantastic Four – but maybe not the one we’ve been expecting.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Spoilers ahead for Marvel 2-In-One #3.

Marvel 2-In-One #3 kicks off with the FF’s longtime foe the Mad Thinker poring over a collection of notes and data and wondering at the whereabouts of Reed Richards. As the Mad Thinker monologues, Doom arrives in Thinker’s lab, chastising him for stealing Richards’ inventions. As Doom trashes the lab, Thinker activates a trap, banishing him.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Meanwhile, Ben and Johnny meet up with Hercules who takes them to Dr. Rachna Koul, a scientist who specializes in restoring and repairing superpowers. After a scuffle with Hydro Man (one of Koul’s other clients), she agrees to help Johnny and Ben – if they can pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars. With the pair’s money largely wrapped up in the Avengers, they instead strike a deal to take her with them to explore the multiverse.

Dr. Koul runs some tests and discovers that Johnny’s powers are fading because he’s been apart from Reed and Sue for too long. The longer they are apart, the more Johnny’s – and Reed, Sue, and Ben’s – powers will fade, making finding the Richards now an even larger priority.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Back in the Mad Thinker’s lab, the villain is having a meltdown. Staring into the mirror he decides to solve the mystery of the missing Reed Richards by taking his place. Cutting and dying his hair to match Reed’s signature salt-and-pepper look, the Mad Thinker vows to form his own Fantastic Four.

The story continues in Marvel 2-In-One #4, due out on shelves March 14.

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