Christina "Steenz" Stewart
Christina "Steenz" Stewart
Credit: Lion Forge

Christina "Steenz" Stewart has been promoted to Associate Editor within Lion Forge. Stewart originally joined Lion Forge in December 2016, acting as the burdgeoning company's Social Media & Community Manager.

“My goals in this industry are to carve a space for marginalized voices, to put books into the hands of new readers, and to make the comics community more accessible to librarians and educators,” said Stewart. “I knew since day one that this company had like intentions. I'm thrilled to be able to continue to work with Lion Forge and be more deliberate with our shared mission as an editor.”

In addition to her work as a Lion Forge staffer, Stewart also is a cartoonist. Her new book, Archival Quality, comes out this March from Oni Press.

“Steenz has always been a valuable - if honorary - member of Lion Forge’s editorial department," said Lion Forge VP/Executive Editor Andrea Colvin. "Since day one, she’s been contributing significantly to the acquisitions process and her thoughts, opinions, and ideas about comics publishing -and publishing comics for everyone - have been insightful and important. I’m so pleased to welcome her to this new role where I know she will continue to thrive.”

Lion Forge said Stewart will remain the acting Social Media and Community Manager, in addition to her new role as Associate Editor.

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