Creators For the Five HUNT FOR WOLVERINE Spin-Off Titles Named

Hunt for Wolverine
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

More details, including the creative teams, for the four spin-off mini-series springing out of the Hunt For Wolverine mini-series have been released. The four series will each explore Wolverine’s past through different genres, calling into question the recently returned Wolverine’s identity and – in Marvel’s words - “changing some characters in ways that will shock readers.”

Credit: Marvel Comics

Writer Tom Taylor and artist R.B. Silva will create Adamantium Agenda, an action/adventure story.

Hunt For Wolverine writer Charles Soule and artist Matteo Buffagni will create the noir/detective story Weapon Lost.

Writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Butch Guice’s Claws of a Killer is a horror tale.

And finally, Mystery In Madripoor by writer Jim Zub and artist Chris Bachalo will be a dark romance.

Credit: Marvel Comics

“I’ve been holding my tongue, just waiting to announce this project and team of ultra-talented creators,” said series editor Mark Paniccia. “While these stories all reveal clues to the larger mystery behind Wolverine’s return, the writers all have some pretty huge moments planned that will have X-Men fans talking and debating for some time to come.”

The Hunt for Wolverine #1 is due out on shelves in April, followed by all four mini-series launching in May. Each series is planned for four issues.

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