Doom Patrol #13
Credit: DC Comics

DC's classic misfit superteam the Doom Patrol will play a role in an episode of DC's live-action Titans series. 

Titans producer Geoff Johns tweeted an image of a script for the series' fifth episode bearing the title "Doom Patrol," for which he is credited as sole writer, seen below: 

Aside from the message "The Titans are getting some company," no other information about the Doom Patrol's involvement - or which characters from the team the show may include - was given. 

In comic books, Gar Logan, A.K.A. Beast Boy, got his start as a superhero with the Doom Patrol before joining the Teen Titans under the codename "Changeling." Actor Ryan Potter has been cast as Beast Boy in Titans.

A surrealist superhero version of the Doom Patrol currently anchors the flagship title of Gerard Way's off-beat Young Animal DC Comics "pop-up" imprint.

Titans is expected to debut on DC's upcoming proprietary streaming app later this year.

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