GEORGE LUCAS Had His Hands on a SOLO Scene

Solo: A Star Wars Story
Credit: Lucasfilm LTD

Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard got a visit on set from an old friend - Star Wars creator George Lucas. Howard and Lucas are old friends, going back to Howard's starring role in Lucas' pre-Star Wars film American Graffiti. The visit even led to a bit of collaboration on a particular scene of the film.

"He had intended to just kind of stop by and say hi, and he stayed five hours,” Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy told Entertainment Weekly. “There’s even one little moment in a scene that — I can’t tell you what, sorry — but in the scene on the Millennium Falcon where George said, ‘Why doesn’t Han just do this.’”

The suggestion led Howard to incorporate the bit into the film - meaning Lucas had a small part in directing the latest Star Wars film.

“It actually is a funny little bit that will probably get a laugh,” Kennedy continued. “And Ron happened to be by the monitor and not inside the Falcon and he goes, ‘Oh that’s a great idea,’ and ran in and said, ‘George wants us to do this.’ So that was pretty cool. I think George felt pretty great about that. He could revisit these characters, and I think he felt so comfortable, obviously with Ron being there, that it was just fun for him."

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters May 25.

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