BENDIS Teases Nostalgic 1980s-Style Story at DC

"DC Challenge #1" cover by Jerry Ordway
Credit: Jerry Ordway (DC Comics)

When plans for Brian Michael Bendis' Superman-title takeover were announced, some fans couldn't help but compare the rollout to John Byrne's 1986 Superman reboot. But that's not the only big of 1980s nostalgic fans can look for from Bendis and DC this year - all thanks to a challenge from DC co-publisher Dan Didio.

"Dan came to me with his master plan," Bendis said on John Siuntres' The Word Balloon podcast. "DiDio has plans for the publishing market that are unbelievable. He knows what he needs to implement the plan and I couldn't jump on fast enough. I like Dan a great deal... He texted me saying 'I have a creative challenge for you.' It's something about the 80's which you'll see in my work later in the year, because I did accept his challenge. I texted back - 'You and I would've been friends in high school.'"

The mention of DiDio and "challenge" calls to mind the co-publisher 2016 challenge to certain creators a la the 1980s DC book DC Challenge. That modern challenge ended up becoming the revamped Kamandi Challenge in 2017.

You can listen to the long-form interview in full over at John Siuntres' Word Balloon podcast.

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