Michael Bay's LOBO... Warner Bros. Likes The Sound Of That - Report

Credit: DC Comics

Transformers director Michael Bay is reportedly in consideration to direct a Lobo film according to TheWrap.

According to the Hollywood trade's report, Warner Bros. and DC view the potential film, based on the irreverent violent comic book anti-hero, could be the studio's "answer to Deadpool."

Bay is said to have met with Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs to provide notes for a new draft of the Lobo script.

Warner Bros. has had a Lobo film in development since 2009, with Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie and San Andreas director Brad Peyton attached at various times. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson openly stated in 2012 that he was in talks to play Lobo, but in 2013 he revealed he had passed on the project in order to play Black Adam.

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