Marvel's INFINITY CIRCUIT Explained

Infinity Countdown Prime
Infinity Countdown Prime
Credit: Mike Deodato Jr. (Marvel Comics)

Marvel has released a graphic explaining what they call the "Infinity Circuit" - the connections and relationships between the powers of the Infinity Stones and the qualities of their ideal wielders. 

What this means in a nutshell is that while each Infinity Stone provides the wielder with powers related to its name, it in turn draws power from a wielder's mastery of another Infinity Stone power - in essence meaning that a wielder who can master all the aspects of the Infinity Stones can create an ever-expanding "circuit" where the mastery of each Infinity Stone makes another Stone more powerful.

Here's the chart, which also conveniently shows the current known whereabouts of each Infinity Stone:

Credit: Marvel Comics

The breakdown goes like this: The Time Stone is powered by mastery of Space; the Space Stone is powered by mastery of Power; the Power Stone is powered by mastery of Mind; the Mind Stone is powered by mastery of Soul; the Soul Stone is powered by mastery of Reality; and the Reality Stone is powered by mastery of Time. 

It is not clear how this new relationship between the Infinity Stones affects a wielder's ability to use the Stone's abilities if they possess only one Infinity Stone.

The next chapter in the saga of the Infinity Stones, Infinity Countdown Prime, is due out on shelves February 21.

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