WADE WILSON Gets Game-ified In Marvel's YOU ARE DEADPOOL Title

You Are Deadpool
Credit: Salva Espin (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Rahzzah (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics is trying a new concept in comic books beginning in April - a fourth-wall breaking comic book miniseires-as-a-game. You Are Deadpool by writer Al Ewing and artists Salva Espin and Paco Diaz is described as an "interactive narrative" that comes with dice, score-tracking, and roleplaying.

Credit: Salva Espin (Marvel Comics)

"You Are Deadpool is a five-part adventure gamebook in the classic tradition of Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf, and Diceman -  where you, and the cut-out-and-keep Deadpool die, control the action! Every week brings a complete single-player adventure - where you encounter glamorous guest-stars like Hulk, Ghost Rider, Grasshopper, Daredevil, and another Grasshopper - that form an epic quest the like of which you've never seen, unless you have!” Ewing explained. “And there's more! Fight end-of-level bosses! Manage your inventory by stealing background objects! Explore five different time zones in nearly any order! Play the tutorial level! Enjoy unique minigames about bar fightsbeat poetry, and sneaking through levels! Laugh! Cry! CHeat! It's all waiting for you - because You Are Deadpool!"

You are Deadpool is scheduled to run weekly in May beginning May 2, with Espin drawing the odd-numbered issues and Diaz the even ones.

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