BLACK PANTHER Getting His Own Campbell's Soup Can

Black Panther
Credit: Campbell's

With Marvel Studios' Black Panther less than two weeks away, Campbell's is rolling out a two-pronged tie-in effort - beginning with soup.

The iconic soup maker is rolling out limited-edition Black Panther soup can labels - but before anyone gets too excited, it says it won't contain any "Vibranium or heart-shaped herbs."

The soup will actually have die-cut pasta shapes of Thor's hammer, Captain America's shield, Hulk's fist, Iron Man's helmet, and the Avengers logo. Interestingly, there's no Black Panther iconography in the soup itself.

Credit: Campbell's

Additionally, Campbell's is taking part in the groundswell of community-funded screenings of Black Panther with one planned February 15 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for local school and youth organizations.

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