What Are the Post-METAL New Titles for DC's Summer? We Take An Educated Guess...

Dark Days: The Forge #1
Image from Dark Days: The Forge #1
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: Greg Capullo/Jonathan Glapion/FCO Plascencia (DC Comics)

Writer Scott Snyder admits that the style of Dark Nights: Metal - his event series with artist Greg Capullo - was inspired by the wildness of heavy metal music.

But after the story's conclusion, Snyder doesn't want the music to end.

"Issues #5 and #6 [of Dark Nights: Metal] will set up what's coming in a bunch of books, especially the Justice League stuff, after the event," Snyder told Newsarama of the event. "We want to make sure you feel like you went to an awesome concert, but it's not over."

Among the "Justice League stuff" that Snyder mentioned is an entirely new family of Justice League titles that launches this summer.

As DC recently announced, after the conclusion of Dark Nights: Metal in March, Snyder will unite with James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson for a weekly, four-issue series titled Justice League: No Justice. Then Snyder is taking over Justice League while Williamson and Tynion will launch unspecified spin-off titles.

So which series do we expect to see?


Credit: DC Comics


In interviews, Snyder has frequently promised that readers would learn much more post-Metal about Hawkman/Carter Hall, Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders, and the mysteries Snyder introduced about their past.

"You'll find out more about her and Carter soon, and in the stories rolling out of Metal with them as well," Snyder said.

There have also been several hints about Jeff Lemire writing the new series, not only because he wrote December's Hawkman Found one-shot that tied into Metal, but because Lemire himself hinted about writing an ongoing Hawkman story during a convention panel last year.

Snyder all but confirmed Lemire's Hawkman Found story was a prequel to Hawkman's later stories when he told Newsarama:

"If you want to know more about [Hawkman's] history, about his place in the DCU, about his relationship with Kendra, his different lives and what might happen to him beyond Metal, [then Lemire's Hawkman Found] is a good place to go."


Introduced in Snyder's prequel to Dark Nights: Metal (but not heard from since) is a new version of The Outsiders that apparently served as a black ops team for Batman. The team was so secret that even Duke Thomas (Batman's current sidekick-of-sorts) didn't know about it.

The Outsiders were made up of Metamorpho, Black Lightning, Katana, Halo, and Geo-Force.

Image from Dark Days: The Forge #1
Image from Dark Days: The Forge #1
Credit: DC Comics

Snyder told Newsarama that "The Outsiders is something that's being teased for something, like how we're teasing the Dark Matter books … Without giving too much away, there are plans for the Outsiders at DC. [Their appearance] was kind of like, 'Guess what's coming! We're working on a story for stuff!'"

The Outsiders is a familiar team for long-time DC fans - in fact, just recently, the Arrow TV show made a reference to the Outsiders. The group was founded by Batman after his relationship with the Justice League deteriorated and was composed of superpowered heroes who were either denied membership in the League or weren't considered quite A-list. Various incarnations of the team have formed several times since.

With Snyder hinting so heavily that the Outsiders would get more stories in the post-Metal DCU, it's likely this team either gets its own comic book (possibly by Tynion or Williamson). Or at the very least, the team should be playing a role in Justice League: No Justice or something that comes soon after.


Captain Marvel - DC's version of the hero, who became known as "Shazam" during the "New 52" - hasn't actually shown up in Dark Nights: Metal, but several concepts tied to his mythology have. And the hero has been expected to show up ever since he appeared in the splash page at the end of DC Universe: Rebirth #1 in May 2016 and then in Hellblazer: Rebirth #1.

Credit: DC Comics

In Snyder's Metal prequel, Dark Days: The Casting, the Wizard from the Shazam/Captain Marvel mythos produced a powerful dagger that is made of Nth Metal. The Wizard is among several immortals who take part in a meeting to discuss the dangers of the "Dark."

Eventually, the dagger ends up in the hands of Ra's Al Ghul, who was among the immortals, then his daughter Talia, who gives it to Batman. Talia says the dagger has "the power of Shazam," and later the dagger affects Duke Thomas and aids in Batman's attempt to access the Dark Multiverse.

And in the last couple issues of Metal, one of Captain Marvel's main adversaries, Black Adam, has shown up as well, with Wonder Woman even yelling the word "Shazam!" at one point.

Credit: DC Comics

Snyder told Newsarama there are plans for the Marvel Family after Metal, although he wouldn't answer a direct question about a new series:

"I'm not allowed to say. But we have tremendous enthusiasm and interest for that character, and I think you'll start to see clues of a lot of stuff coming with him in different ways in the future in Metal. I can say that there are definitely big plans at DC for Shazam and for Captain Marvel and the whole Marvel family."

Something Else Mythological

Whether it's tied to Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, or another mythology-related character or team, Snyder has indicated that the concepts he introduced surrounding the beginning of the DC Multiverse will get more stories post-Metal.

According to the event miniseries, new DCU worlds are being made constantly in the Forge of Worlds. "First were matter and anti-matter," and with them were three creatures. Two were the brothers who monitored the matter and anti-matter (also known as the Monitor and Anti-Monitor). A third being was tasked to watch over what was "yet to come," residing in the "World Forge" that existed deep in the "rolling cauldron of possibility" known as the Dark Multiverse.

Credit: DC Comics

The Forge created worlds from the hopes and fears of living beings. If those worlds became stable, they "rose into the Orrery" and became part of the Multiverse.

When Snyder was asked about this whole new mythology for the beginning of the DCU, he said:

"We have stories planned for it - for these mythological figures - post-Metal too."

It's possible that they're part of Snyder's plans for Justice League, but it's just as likely that the characters are showing up in something else spinning out of the post-Metal plans.

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