More METROPOLIS Theme Park Attractions Named Including ZATANNA, GREEN LANTERN

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi concept art
Credit: Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

More information about Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi's Metropolis-themed attraction has been unveiled, including a new Zatanna-themed shop and more details about the previously named rides.

Credit: Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

Superman 360: Battle For Metropolis is housed inside The Daily Bugle building along with a photobooth and newsstand, while Justice League: Warworld Attacks, is situated inside the Hall of Justice.

Zatanna Books and Magical Curiousities and Justice League Hero Supply will be the Metropolis area's two souvenir shops. Bibbo Bibbowksi's Ace O' Clubs, an iconic comic book locale, will serve "quick service" food, while Park Ridge Market - named after a Metropolis neighborhood - is a cafe.

Credit: Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

“With the park well on track to open its doors to the public within mere months, we are incredibly excited to share our story with audiences around the world, and will be announcing the exact opening date very soon.” said Mark Gsellman, Park General Manager. “The six different and immersive lands will seamlessly transport guests of all ages to the lands of their favorite DC Super Heroes and beloved Warner Bros. Animation characters. 

"As guests enter Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, they’ll discover the Warner Bros. Plaza—a land inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood—to celebrate all things Warner Bros.! From there, park-goers can step through one of the many portals that lead to our other lands including Metropolis, Gotham City, Cartoon Junction, Bedrock and Dynamite Gulch—each of which offers a unique set of experiences and authentically themed restaurants and shopping outlets.”

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is expected to open this year.

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