Word Ballon: RICK REMENDER Practices VOODOO, PUNISHES Guilty

SDCC 09: Jefte Palo Brings DOCTOR VOODOO

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On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, Rick Remnder talks about what's coming up for charcters like Doctor Voodoo, The Punisher and The Thunderbolts, in books coming this fall.

You'll hear about his new Doctor Voodoo series featuring the current Sorcerer Supreme of Marvel's 616 Universe.

The Punisher is heading toward a world of hurt in the months ahead, with bizare stories like "Franken Castle" with Tony Moore, and Punisher: The List, with classic Punisher draftsmen John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson.

We also go in depth on The Last Days Of Crime from Radical Publishing, with art by Greg Tocchini and covers by Alex Maleev.

Plus, Rick talks about his special 40 page Thunderbolts issue #136, and the pending wrap ups to The End League With Andy MacDonald and Fear Agent with Tony Moore & Mike Hawthorne, from Dark Horse.

If that's not enough Rick Remender for you, check back tomorrow for an indepth print interview and tons of exclusive new art from Doctor Voodoo!

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