KEENSPOT ENTERTAINMENT April 2018 Solicitations

Keenspot Entertainment April 2018 cover
Credit: Keenspot Entertainment

(W) Bobby Crosby (A/CA) Sarah Ellerton
American girl Elanor and Japanese boy Takashi have seen each other's lives in their sleep since the day they were born.  Now young adults, they're deeply in love, and determined to finally be together in person. But with World War II on the horizon and Takashi in training to fight for his country, will they be torn apart forever?

One thousand years ago in the kingdom of Fruitasia, four young students train under the beady but watchful eye of the Sensei. Their mission: Protect and serve the land through use of the closely-guarded secret powers of Juice Jitsu, a mysterious martial art that harnesses the hidden powers of fruit! In this juicy debut issue, the treasured artifact goes missing and the Fruit Ninjas must track it down. All-new comic stories based on the second highest-selling mobile game of all time with over 1 billion downloads!

(W) John Joseco (A/CA) John Joseco
Kessah is no longer the sheltered child of her past. Through this test, she has proven to herself and to her teammates that she is capable of great feats. However, even with Kessah's skill, Group D might not be ready for their latest challenge - a rogue, unclassified monster bent on destroying anything and anyone in its path.

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