QUESADA's LAST JEDI Variant A Gift To His REY-Loving Daughter

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi #1" cover
Credit: Joe Quesada (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Joe Quesda (Marvel Comics)

Marvel's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada illustrated a variant cover for the just-announced Star Wars: The Last Jedi comic book adaptation Marvel is publishing, but its more than just another illustration for the artist-turned executive.

Credit: Joe Quesada

"This piece was conceived and drawn at the same time as the cover I did for The Force Awakens #1 and designed as a bookend," Quesada wrote on Facebook. "My daughter loved Rey so much from The Force Awakens that I wanted to do two pieces she could hang up in her room as complimenting posters."

Quesada shared some of the process art which led to his Last Jedi variant cover. The artist said he thumbnailed the layouts on his iPad due to begin away from home (and away from his drawing board).

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