ARCANA STUDIO April 2018 Solicitations

Arcana Studio April 2018 cover
Credit: Arcana Studio

(W) Kieran Murphy (A/CA) Jose Augusto Cano
Major Jonathon Carson seeks out his lost son in the icy tundra of Las Vegas; Ricky Di Santos finds himself meeting an old flame in the battlefield of a snow-covered Los Angeles; Jed Giffin catches up with his self-centered sister in a freezing Dallas; and Sinead O'Brien takes to the frozen seas of Miami with a friend from her former life. Frozen Wasteland looks at the suffering caused in these very different settings and examines how people cope in an environment where each day is a struggle for survival.

(W) Sean O'Reilly, Mark Poulton (A) Munro Te Whata, Munro Te Whata
Eru lives for video games, but after an argument with his mother, he sets out on a real life adventure. Getting lost in the Canadian wilderness, Eru befriends Gwaii and a Patupaiarehe, who help him track down the mystical Raven to get back home. During their journey, they encounter some creatures from the rich mythology of Canada and New Zealand. Based on the upcoming animated pilot from Arcana Studio and Kiwa Digital!

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