First 10 Creators of TAPAS' Creator Incubator Named

Tapas Media
Credit: Tapas Media

Tapas Media has announced the first class of its CreatorIncubator program, which fosters comic creators and their work through financing, co-production, and publishing.

The first 10 creators in Tapas' CreatorIncubator are: Ryan Toxin, VVBG, Kan, Allexis Kristedja, Fei, Yudori, The Kao, Ida, Ji Hyo, and Art.te.

Credit: Tapas Media

These 10 creators will work in-house at Tapas' Bay area headquarters on their own stories, which will be co-owned with Tapas.Tapas' editors will work with the creators, and will also assist in business opportunities including prnt distribution, licensing, and potential outside adaptations.

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