CAPTAIN AMERICA’s Next Big Story Arc is ‘100% Opposite’ of SECRET EMPIRE

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Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

In the upcoming Captain America #698, Steve Rogers will once again become a “man out of time” when he’s unfrozen in the distant future after being trapped in ice by his new enemies, the terrorist group Rampart.

In the future world, Cap will find new threats in the form of Rampart’s leader and new allies among a new group of Howling Commandoes. And all of that will lead to Captain America #700, in which Cap becomes “King” of this future world.

Taking Steve Rogers forward to this post-apocalyptic world are writer Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee, who spoke to Newsarama ahead of #698’s release on February 14, telling us what it will mean for Steve to be transported in time again – and how his takeover of the future world will be different than what we’ve seen before.

Newsarama: Mark and Chris, what led you to freeze Captain America again?

Mark Waid: It may have been editor Tom Brevoort's suggestion - I no longer recall - but it sets us up for the big run up to Captain America #700 quite well.

Chris Samnee: I think I suggested that Cap could go back in time to the 40s. That way, as he's acclimated to the world as it is now, he'd be a man out of time in his own time. As Mark said though, it was Tom's suggestion to go the other direction and get Cap into the future instead.

Nrama: We know by now that Cap’s gonna wake up in the future – and a bit about what’s there. What can you tell us about the situation he’s waking up into this time?

Waid: It's a dystopia, as anyone can see from the cover artwork. All of the ideals Steve Rogers has fought for all these years seem forgotten. But there's something more to it - and we won't tell you - you'll have to read the story.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: Who are these new Howling Commandoes debuting in Captain America #698?

Waid: A badass woman named Liang is their leader, head of a rebel force in this era. The Howlers are an odd mix of man and creature thanks to - well, again, that'd be giving too much away.

Nrama: Chris, how did you go about designing Cap’s new allies? What influences did you bring to building this future world?

Samnee: A dash of post-apocalyptic locales like Escape From New York, and a lot of elbow grease. I wish I could rattle off a ton of influences and references for the look of the world but I was honestly shooting from the hip and designing the bulk of this stuff on the page.

Nrama: What threats is Cap going to face in the future?

Waid: Rampart, the group that put Cap on ice again, still reigns supreme in the future - and their king, a monster named Babbington, is Cap's number one enemy in this era. Is Babbington what he seems to be - or is he more?

Nrama: All of this begs the question – what’s going on back in the present day while Cap is basically missing in action?

Waid: Again, spoilers - but you'll see in 700.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: Captain America #700 is coming up in April, and in it Cap becomes “king” of the future world. He doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to taking over a whole society – what leads to this moment?

Waid: For those who followed Secret Empire, trust us - this is a 100% opposite take on Cap as the "king" of a future era. And he is a very reluctant ruler who cannot wait to pass the reigns of power on to - well, again, we're giving too much away!

Nrama: If Cap missed swing music and five-cent hot dogs when he was unfrozen the first time, what parts of the 21st century is he missing in the future?

Waid: Bomb Pops.

Samnee: ...and laundromats maybe.

Nrama: With #700 setting a major milestone for Captain America, what teases can you give us about what’s coming after the dust clears?

Waid: That's top-secret classified intel, mister!

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