Sneak Peek - Diamond's DECEMBER 2009 PREVIEWS

Diamond Comics Distributors have released an early look at the two covers gracing their next new edition of PREVIEWS, featuring products to go on sale beginning in December 2009.

DC's JSA All-Stars, the new ongoing series by Matt Sturges and Freddie Williams II gets the "front" cover, while IDW's Angel: After the Fall #28, which welcomes new writer Bill Willingham, joining artist Brian Dunham to start the new “Crown Prince Syndrome” storyline, gets the "back" cover.

[note: the images to not open to larger versions]

According to Diamond, the new PREVIEWS Gems of the Month include:

Dark Horse Comics’ Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow and Empowered one-shots

DC Comics’ Blackest Night: The Flash #1 and JSA: All-Stars #1

Image Comics’ God Complex #1 and Angelus #1

Marvel Comics’ Fall of Hulks Alpha one-shot

Previews include DC Comics/Vertigo’s Day Tripper #1 as well as Image Comics’ God Complex #1 and Forgetless #1.

And the distributor will also have more information on their "Most Wanted" program.

As described by Diamond:

"Due to the holiday season skip week, there will be no new comics in local shops on December 30. But this break in new issues gives readers the perfect excuse to read something different. Throughout the October catalog, readers will find a special “Most Wanted” icon identifying some of the best pulp, mystery, suspense, and crime tales to be found in graphic literature. The focus on these genres is capped by excerpts from interviews with writers Brian Michael Bendis and Rick Remender. The full interviews and complete list of Most Wanted titles will later be available on"

Look for Newsarama monthly previews of the new cycle of  comic book solicitations beginning Friday. 

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