Marvel Comics April 2018 solicitations
Credit: Nick Bradshaw (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Mark Brooks (Marvel Comics)

Just two weeks after releasing its April 2018 solicitations, Marvel Comics are changing around some of the artists working on three of its major titles.

April 4's X-Men: Gold #25 is bringing in Jose Soares to assist Paolo Siqueira, who was originally announced as the sole artist on the book. Soares chipped in previously on Siqueira's Silver Sable & The Wolf Pack #36.

Credit: Ryan Stegman (Marvel Comics)

April 25's Avengers #690 is switching artists, with Pepe Larraz coming back to draw the issue in place of the originally-solicited Paco Medina. This is the third art change for the arc following the two reported on last week.

Lastly, Mike Deodato Jr. is rejoining the Infinity Countdown series to pitch in on April 18's Infinity Countdown #2. Deodato is already onboard to draw February's Infinity Countdown Prime, but now joins Aaron Kuder and Mike Hawthorne on #2.

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