BENDIS Swooping In for BYRNE-esque Takeover for DC's SUPERMAN Titles

Man of Steel #1 through #4 cover pencils
Credit: Ivan Reis (DC Comics)
Credit: Jim Lee/Scott Williams/Alex Sinclair (DC Comics)

Newly-exclusive DC Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis is taking over the reigns of both Action Comics and Superman in July, according to new interview with Forbes, with a six-issue weekly series titled Man of Steel leading the way. Bendis, who comes to DC after a 17-year exclusive stint at Marvel Comics, returns to DC with a multi-year, multi-faceted deal that begins with a short inside April's Action Comics #1000. This Superman line takeover evokes the very similiar way writer/artist John Byrne was brought into DC following Crisis on Infinite Earths to reinvent Superman in in the mid-80s.

"Writing Superman in today's day and age is a such powerful experience," Bendis told Forbes. "We live in a world where we've heard, 'Truth, justice, and the American way' our whole lives, right? But this is the first time those things are really not to be taken for granted." Continuing, he noted with regret, "Truth has been revealed to not be as black and white as we thought it was; justice is sadly not always for everybody; and the American Dream, the American way of everybody coming here to pursue the idea that they can live a safe and healthy life — these are ideas we always took for granted, but now we don't. No matter where you are politically, we just don't take these things for granted anymore. I think it's time Superman stand up and give us that hope we always want from him. It's a great thing to be writing a character who exudes hope at a time when people really, really need it."

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In a newly-announced DC Nation #0 preview sampler coming out May 2 (three days before Free Comic Book Day), Bendis teams with Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez on a Man of Steel prelude which will lead into the six-part Man of Steel weekly to begin May 30. In that series, Bendis collaborates with Ivan Reis, Evan "Doc" Shaner, Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes, and Jason Fabok that will "shake up the classic story of Krypton's final days and Kal-El's path to becoming an iconic hero." Bendis will introduce a new villain that holds a "terrifying secret" about Krypton's desctruction.

After Man of Steel #6 planned release on the week of July 4, Bendis will segue with Reis to take over a relaunched-and-renumbered Superman #1.

Credit: Ivan Reis (DC Comics)

Then later that month, Bendis will work with Superman alum Patrick Gleason on Action Comics #1001 beginning on July 25 - back from a planned three-month hiatus for the book following April's Action Comics #1000. Bendis and Gleason's story here will focus more on Clark Kent and the activities at The Daily Planet, dealing with "how the actions of Superman impact the DC Universe."

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"I have a lot of goals for Superman, one of which is to help turn Metropolis into something as provocative and unique as Gotham City is," Bendis explained. "I think everyone will agree Gotham is one of the most built and best places in all of fictional cities, and Metropolis should follow suit. So Action Comics and DC Nation will be the first hints at how we're going to be building up Metropolis. Both in people and in culture, it'll be more than just the place Superman lives. We'll be taking a good look at a lot of place we haven't looked at before."

This Superman line takeover line is part of a three-pronged Bendis initiative by DC, which also includes the creation of a formal Jinxworld imprint for Bendis' various creator-owned books, as well as a second "Custom" imprint to work akin to Gerard Way's Young Animal.

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