BLACK WIDOW Mystery Takes Surprising Turn With [SPOILERS] Murdered & [SPOILERS] Back in TALES OF SUSPENSE #101

Page from 'Tales of Suspense #101'
Credit: Marvel Comics

The mystery of the seemingly-dead Black Widow deepens in this week's Tales of Suspense #101 from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Travel Foreman, which brings back one Marvel character while killing another.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Spoilers ahead for Tales of Suspense #101.

After surviving the explosion set to kill a former Hydra operative in Tales of Suspense #100, this issue sends Bucky and Clint into contact with Sally Blevins, the former New Mutant once known as Skids, now turned ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Blevins insists that Black Widow is dead as Bucky believes, and that Clint is wrong about her still being alive. She gives them information about another potential Hydra target.

As they part ways, Skids is attacked and her car blown up, killing her. As Clint and Bucky survey the damage, they argue over whether Black Widow is responsible for the murder as Clint believes. Just then, they spot a mysterious figure in the crowd. Bucky and Clint give chase as the figure acrobatically evades them – and her long red hair is revealed in the chase. The woman escapes, but Hawkeye is convinced it’s Natasha/Black Widow.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Clint and Bucky arrive at the next Hydra target’s hideout, but their plan to sneak in quietly is foiled by the arrival of guards – and the mysterious Black Widow they’ve been trailing. Clint manages to catch her, revealing that the person they’ve been chasing isn’t Natasha Romanov, but Yelena Belova, the second modern Black Widow from the 1990s who replaced Natasha fro a time.

Belova breaks down crying and shouting in Russian as she’s caught. Bucky translates her Russian – she’s saying “I’m sorry I failed you. Don’t kill me, Winter Soldier.”

The story continues February 21 in Tales of Suspense #102.

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