Younger & Older JEAN GREY's Fates Revealed in JEAN GREY #11 & PHOENIX RESURRECTION #5 - SPOILERS

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This week’s Phoenix Resurrection #5 from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Lienil Yu closes the book on this chapter of the adult Jean Grey’s story, while Jean Grey #11 from writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Victor Ibanez reveals the fate of her younger counterpart in her series finale. Here’s how it shakes out for both Jeans.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Spoilers ahead for Phoenix Resurrection #5 and Jean Grey #11.

Phoenix Resurrection #5 kicks off with Old Man Logan entering Jeannie and Annie’s diner to confront the woman the X-Men presume is Jean Grey. Their suspicions are quickly confirmed when Jean expresses that she recognizes Logan, but not from where. As Annie tries to stop Logan from speaking to Jean, Logan lashes out at her, slashing her neck.

As Jean confronts Logan for lashing out at Annie, he looks for signs of recognition from her. As he is about to unsheathe his claws for a fight, Jean suddenly remembers him. She manifests the Phoenix Force, appearing in a black-and-red version of her classic Phoenix costume.

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Jean finally stands face to face with the X-Men, but their reunion is cut short as the Phoenix leaves Jean’s body, manifesting as Annie and offering Jean anything she wants to remain with it. Jean refuses every offer - even her resurrected parents - as the Phoenix struggles against her psychic power.

Finally, the Phoenix Force offers one final plea for Jean’s acquiescence – it resurrects the original, adult Cyclops. But unlike other dead X-Men that have appeared in the White Hot Room in this story, Cyclops is fully flesh-and-blood. After a momentary, tearful reunion, Cyclops dies again in Jean’s arms as she fully rejects the Phoenix.

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In a last, desperate attempt to bond with Jean, the Phoenix shows her everything she could have with its power, but again Jean resists. Telling the Phoenix she will never be a part of it, the Phoenix fades away, leaving Jean devastated but alive, surrounded by the X-Men.

Meanwhile, over in Jean Grey #11, the younger Jean, who was disintegrated at the hands of the Phoenix Force in Jean Grey #10, finds herself in Hell, surrounded by demons. After encountering the Darkchylde, Magik’s demon form, Jean realizes she can’t actually be in Hell – the Darkchylde rules Limbo. Jean then fights Magik in her Phoenix host form before being shunted into another time and place entirely, this time coming face to face with the prehistoric Phoenix introduced in Marvel Legacy #1.

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After a brief fight with the prehistoric Phoenix, Jean is transported to another era, and another, each with its own resident Phoenix host – from Rachel Grey’s dystopian future, to the Shi’Ar warrior Rook’Shir in the Shi’Ar Civil War. As Jean and Rook’Shir fight, their telekinetic clash leads to the very planet they’re on being destroyed.

Finally Jean ends up in Xavier’s school in the earliest days of the team. One by one she confronts her former teammates – and Xavier himself – until she finds the Phoenix Force. The Phoenix explains she’s in the White Hot Room – but that it didn’t bring her there. She arrived through her own force of will, giving her some power over both the White Hot Room and the Phoenix.

Credit: Marvel Comics

With the strength of this realization, Jean convinces Phoenix to expel her by fully resurrecting her in the real world. As she is returned to life, she stumbles to her quarters – where she’s confronted by the adult Jean, who tells her they need to talk.

The older Jean’s story continues in February 7’s X-Men Red #1, while the younger Jean appears monthly in X-Men: Blue.

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