DEVIL'S DUE / 1FIRST COMICS April 2018 Solicitations

Devil's Due / 1First Comics April 2018 cover
Credit: Devil's Due / 1First Comics

(W) Josh Blaylock (A/CA) Josh Blaylock
Igloo Barbecue is set in a world of Penguins, killer whales and seals who drive sleighs for cars and have all the modern conveniences (and first world problems) as we do. Blizzy Glacier is an unfulfilled comic artist living in the icey city of Metropolis who’s about to find out his long tired comic series “Penguin Bros.” may yet have new life. Full of feathered hipsters, comic geeks, and irony, this is Chasing Amy meets $4.99

(W) Josh Blaylock (A/CA) Josh Blaylock
The Bitcoin Comic is a guide to understanding the world’s newest super tech and the profound changes it may make in the near future. Covering topics from a simple explanation as to what the heck Bitcoin is, how it works and where to buy it, all the way to a fun, almost sci-fi look at where we may be headed with it. Oh yeah, and will it make you a millionaire? That may depend on how you define your wealth.

“The Bitter End.” A mysterious fog shrouds The Pit as the battered and beaten Doctor Freust prepares for the final showdown with Inmate Eleven. But is she strong enough to endure a battle of wits with a creature of pure evil, a monster whose mere voice can tear a human mind apart? Freust can be cunning and tricky but must now fight a war for psychological, spiritual and philosophical supremacy – with her own sanity hanging by a thread. Welcome to the bitter end.

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