BONGO COMICS April 2018 Solicitations

Bongo Comics April 2018 cover
Credit: Bongo Comics

(W) Charles Brubaker, Carta Monir (A) Carolyn Nowak (A/CA) Jacob Chabot
It’s all-out aquatic op-ed war as Plankton and Mr. Krabs engage in the extreme sport of editorial cartooning in the newspapers of Bikini Bottom! Their slanderous scribblings even draw SpongeBob and Squidward into the destructive conflict-threatening everything they hold dear! Find out who gets the last laugh in “The Cross-Hatch of Despair!” Also: the threat of whirlpools forces Mr. Krabs to activate “The Buddy System,” which means Squidward and SponegBob must stay close together all day! And in “Facial Hair Scare,” a fake beard mishap throws Patrick into an identity crisis! All this plus “Ocean Facts” by Maris Wicks and “SpongeFunnies” by James Kochalka!

(W) Ian Boothby (A/CA) Jason Ho
Hank Scorpio returns, and as a newly civic-minded man, he sets his sights on becoming Mayor of Springfield. Once in office, the city thrives, but does the former megalomaniac have community reform on his mind or are his municipal machinations a bit more… global?

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