Bunn & Crook's HARROW COUNTY To End In June 2018

Harrow County #29
Credit: Tyler Crook (Dark Horse Comics)
Credit: Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse's long-running horror series Harrow County will conclude with June 2018's Harrow County #32 following a four-part finale arc beginning with March's #29.

“Seeing Harrow County come to an end is bittersweet. I love this world. I love these characters. I love working with Tyler and Daniel and Dark Horse. And, if I'm being honest, we could probably continue Emmy's story indefinitely,” said writer/co-creator Cullen Bunn. “But we're moving toward the ending we've always planned. We've told a story I'm very proud of, and we told it on our own terms. And I think the series is all the better for it.”

Harrow County launched in May 2015, and became one of Dark Horse's most popular new, original series in recent years. In 2015, Universal Cable Productions partnered with Dark Horse to develop a live-action television series based on the project for Syfy.

“I am so proud of what Cullen and I have been able to accomplish with Harrow County,” said co-creator/artist Tyler Crook. “When we first pitched the book I had no expectation that we would still be working on it three-and-a-half years later. I'll miss going to Harrow County every day to work but I'm extremely grateful that we were able to tell the story that we wanted to tell. While this may be the end of Emmy's story I doubt it'll be the last Harrow County story.”

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