CALIBER ENTERTAINMENT April 2018 Solicitations

Caliber Entertainment March 2018 cover
Credit: Caliber Entertainment

(W) Mike Smeets (A/CA) Bob Smeets
The human body consists of roughly 60% water. Imagine if you could manipulate that water to shapre and alter the human form. That’s exactly what doctors at the Weirdsdale Spa and Country Club have been doing – at least until something goes horribly wrong. After spending her life savings on the controversial cosmetic surgery Alice Galloway disappears. When her twin sister, Inspector Maria Galloway shows up at the Weirdsdale Spa looking for answers, officials are already in cover up mode. The last thing they need is a rogue cop snooping around. This would not be the first time Maria saved her sister’s life, but would it be the last?

(W) Philip Jones (A/CA) Seppo Makinen
A meet up of classic Victorian characters! Sherlock Holmes confronts the split persona of Dr. Jerkyll and Mr. Hyde! Holmes and Watson seek to uncover the terrible secret that is plaguing their good friend, the esteemed Dr. Jekyll. When word gets out that the doctor is allowing the deranged Mr. Hyde free access to his wealth, Holmes realizes that something, no matter how improbable, is wrong. But is the value of a friendship worth more than life itself? Holmes must make that fateful decision.

(W) Gary Reed (A) Christopher Jones, Laurence Campbell, Larry Shuput (A/CA) Ken Meyer
It started with a single Red Diary. Inside it contained all the secrets the owner had listened to and talked about with her lovers. She wrote down everything. Her lovers were powerful men and when she threatened to go public with it, she died. Murdered? Perhaps. But the diary went missing. The woman was Marilyn Monroe and her lovers included President John F. Kennedy and his borther Robert Kennedy. Her death remains a mystery… as does the contents of the Red Diary. Now a man claims to be the son of Marilyn Monroe. Her father? Perhaps one of the Kennedys, but he doesn’t know which one. But a mob hit-man had stolen the diary. From the assasination of Kennedy and cover up, the deaths of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy to Watergate, our hit-man chronicles all he knows.

(W) Steven P. Jones (A) Christopher Jones, Dan Jurgens, C. P. Smith (A/CA) S. Clarke Hawbaker
Prepare for a new hero. A hero that has tasted the stench of evil’s darkness yet has also touched the goodness in men’s hearts. A hero that rewards as well as punishes. A hero that battles street crime as well as that which crosses supernatural dimensions. The hero is Nightlinger and the shadows are his domain. Joining him is his sexy female assistant, Mike, who tries to keep Nightlinger embedded in the realm of humanity. Collects the Nightlinger series plus the short story Nightlinger: Sins of the Werewolf, sketchbook pages, and Steven Philip Jones’ superhero one shot comic Vanguard.

(W) Wayne Vansant (A/CA) Wayne Vansant
Noted historian and artist Wayne Vansant provides art and story for this trilogy of tales of the German Panzer divisions, the Waffen SS, in World War II. In addition to “The Knights of the Skull” and its tale of the young soldiers, “Witches’ Caldron” tells the incredible tale of the German situation at Kursk when attempting to retreat were cut off and surrounded by the Soviet troops. Finally, “Battle Group Peiper” chronicles the event that led to the Malmedy massacre, when American POWs were massacred by the German troops.

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