KEY Comics Collecting App Adds New Features Based On User Demand

Key Collector Comics
Credit: Key Collector Comics
Credit: Key Collector Comics

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Key Collector Comics, the world’s first mobile resource focused entirely on valuable key issues has answered fan requests for more robust search options.  Now, app users can search for key issues from their favorite artists, writers and publishers.  Also included in this week’s update is the ability to access a separate variant section while the standard key issue database remains free from clutter.  Lastly, collectors can now view recently added comics to the database like this week’s Thanos #15, where we discover the identity of Cosmic Ghost Rider is a very familiar name.
“I don’t make the decisions on what updates to make to the app.  I simply listen to a very vocal and passionate group of people who LOVE comic books,” said app founder, Nick Coglianese.  “This month has been a giant stride in functionality to make it simpler than ever to identify the issues that matter most to a majority of collectors and I owe it to the collective feedback of this growing community.”
Along with the above-mentioned features, Key Collector also offers the following:
Search by Character – to view a timeline of a favorite hero or villain’s history from 1st appearance to where they are today and the milestone moments in between that defined who they are
Search by Title – to see only the key comic books that exist in a series without the uneventful issues in between
3-Tier Simplified Price Guide – for quick and easy advice on how much is too much when paying for a comic
Own & Want – catalog comics that are owned and monitor the total value of a collection or add to a wish list of priority issues to seek out
“In another two weeks were going to announce a new partnership with a major artist,” said Coglianese who has already officially partnered with Valiant Entertainment and Brian Pulido’s Coffin Comics. “With the announcement will come yet another update that will allow access to view this individual’s body of work.  It’ll be like a comic book art exhibit within the app.”
The Key Collector Comics free mobile app was launched at New York Comic Con, October 2017 and since then has already amassed 15,000 individual downloads. With over 7,000 first appearances, origins, iconic covers, classic stories and many other historic moments in comics, both major and minor, the proprietary database is the largest available resource of keys available to collectors.  It is available on iTunes and Google Play where it has a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating averaged from hundreds of reviews.
“It’s a necessary innovation for new fans who need guidance through eight decades of comic book publishing and it’s also an incredible resource for experienced collectors who in the past have had to research each issue individually.  And its free,” said Coglianese.  “It’s free to download. Its free from advertisements or freemiums and I intend to keep it that way because why would I create something that people love and then build barriers to get to it.”

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