WONDER WOMAN Voted Biggest Oscar Snub in FANDANGO Poll

"Wonder Woman" set photo
Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Wonder Woman receiving no Academy Award nominations has been rated 2018's "Biggest Oscar Snub" by visitors to online movie ticket retailer Fandango (which is partially owned by Warner Bros.).

Of those polled, 39% identified Wonder Woman's lack of Oscar nominations as the biggest letdown of this year's version of the annual awards ceremony. The next most egregious snub, according to the survey, was James Franco not being nominated for his role as Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist, which pulled in 10% of the vote.

Meanwhile, across the aisle on the Marvel side, Logan's nomination for Best Original Screenplay was voted "Happiest Surprise" by Fandango visitors, raking in 38% of the vote, followed by 20% saying they were most pleasantly surprised by actor Daneil Kaluuya's nomination for Get Out.

“Moviegoers are shocked that Wonder Woman was unable to land a single Oscar nomination, considering its huge box office success and positive impact on pop culture,” said Fandango Managing Editor Erik Davis in a statement. “At the same time, the Logan nod delighted genre fans as the first superhero film to be nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, while Daniel Kaluuya’s rare horror movie lead nomination was a pleasant surprise. Christopher Plummer also stunned many by landing an Oscar nomination for a role he took in All the Money in the World at the last minute and shot in only 10 days.”

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