The Secret Identity of THANOS' Future GHOST RIDER is Totally Unexpected - Spoilers

Thanos #15
Credit: Marvel Comics

Writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw created a breakout character in their hilariously dark future Ghost Rider as part of Thanos. Now, this week's Thanos #15 reveals the true identity of this cosmic Spirit of Vengeance - and it's a bit of a doozy.

Spoilers ahead for Thanos #15.

Credit: Marvel Comics

In Thanos #15 the younger, present day Thanos is given a tour of his older counterpart's fortress, complete with an introduction to Thanos' "dog," a chained Hulk who, according to Ghost Rider, ate Steve Rogers.

As they talk, Ghost Rider reveals he once "punished" only the wicked, but millennia spent in service of the Mad Titan has left his mind broken, and led him to develop a twisted sense of humor. It's at this point Ghost Rider reveals his true name - Frank Castle.

Of course, Thanos has no idea who that is - the Punisher may fall a bit below his notice.

The story continues in Thanos #16, on shelves February 28.

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