Phoenix Resurrection #4
Credit: Marvel Comics

This week’s Phoenix Resurrection #4 from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Ramon Rosanas reveals the secret of Jean Grey – and may lead to an unlikely reunion.


Spoilers ahead for Phoenix Resurrection #4.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Phoenix Resurrection #4 kicks off with Jean – the waitress – making her way from her now burned husk of a house to the diner where she works. Along the way she sees more dead X-Men as townspeople. As she walks, the world forms and un-forms around her, showing that outside Jean’s perspective, her world is ablaze.

Back on Earth, the X-Men make their way through the mysterious door that appeared at the end of the previous issue. Inside, they find the same burning environment from which Jean is sheltered – along with a host of seemingly resurrected dead X-Men, ready to fight.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Realizing that the dead X-Men are merely psychic constructs, they stop holding back and dispatch the phantoms of their former allies. Beast deduces that they are inside the Phoenix’s egg, where the Phoenix Force has resurrected Jean and is attempting to bond with her permanently – which could spell ultimate destruction.

Tracking Jean’s presence to the diner – the only place that seems serene in the fiery destruction around them – the X-Men locate Jean, but she can’t see them. As the Phoenix itself arrives at the diner, young Cyclops volunteers to go inside, but Old Man Logan stops him, saying the Jean inside is not the Jean Scott knows.

Logan decides to enter instead, vowing to take the necessary steps to stop the Phoenix if Jean can’t be saved, echoing something he said during Jean's final days in New X-Men.

The story concludes in Phoenix Resurrection #5, on shelves January 31.

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