SUPERMAN/ BATMAN To Bring Past-Present Continuity in Line

SUPERMAN/BATMAN Undergoes a Overhaul

Superman/Batman is going through an overhaul that not only gets the title back in continuity, but utilizes the two flagship characters to bring DC events of the past in line with the present.

In Monday's "20 Answers and 1 Question" feature on Newsarama, DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio will announce that stories in Superman/Batman will soon begin visiting different events from DC's past. Stories in the title will not only expand upon the role played by the two main characters in these events, but will tie the events into current continuity.

"Over the next year, you're going to see Superman/Batman actually reflecting major events of the past of the DC Universe," DiDio said. "We're going to be building up other stories, other events, using these characters."

Readers will see an expansion of Superman and Batman's role in events such as "Emperor Joker" and "Our Worlds at War," the editor said.

"Those stories will fit within continuity even more tightly now because they're written with the current DC Universe in mind," he said. "We have a lot of great events in the DC Universe that these two characters participated in."

A creative team -- or teams -- will be announced soon, DiDio said. Co-writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson are permanently off Superman/Batman as of Issue #63, but plans are to have the two co-write another comic within the DCU. Until the new "past events" version of Superman/Batman begins, the series will have fill-in issues, including a "Blackest Night" tie-in story by Scott Kolins, spinning out of his "Solomon" Grundy mini-series.

The editor also talked to Newsarama about Conner Kent's future in Adventure Comics as Paul Levitz takes over the title, and what George Perez is working on that just might please Titans fans. For these discussions and more, be sure to check back later today for 20 Answers and 1 Question with Dan DiDio on Newsarama.

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