Vertigo's IMAGINARY FIENDS Hosts Creepy Feline Foe

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Credit: Richard Pace (DC Comics/Vertigo)
Credit: Richard Pace (DC Comics/Vertigo)

In Tim Seeley"s Imaginary Fiends, his new horror series for Vertigo, the minds of the young are being stalked by hungry spectral aliens - imaginary friends whom the FBI is trying to stop.

At the center of the story is a young heroine, Melba, whose imaginary fiend Polly Peachpit told her when she was young to try to kill her friend. After being locked up for the attempted murder, Melba is approached by the FBI after she turns 18, the bureau having noticed similar incidents elsewhere.

The series kicked off in November with art by Stephen Molnar, and Newsarama talked to the writer at the time about the genesis for the idea behind Imaginary Fiends. But with this week's issue #3 exploring more about that creepy cat who showed up at the end of #2, Newsarama checked in with Seeley to find out more about this turn of events.

Credit: Stephen Molnar/Quinton Winter/Carlos M. Mangual (DC Comics/Vertigo)

Newsarama: Tim, the last issue of Imaginary Fiends introduced this new creature called Fraidy Cat. What can you tell us about this fiend?

Tim Seeley: One of the things I really wanted in the story was, yes, it's going to be this really intense, dark psychological thriller, but it also is basically a giant monster fight comic too.

So the Cat is going to be our bad guy as the FBI agents investigate why these kids disappeared in this town.

Credit: Stephen Molnar/Quinton Winter/Carlos M. Mangual (DC Comics/Vertigo)

Nrama: So the agents come up against… the cat?

Seeley: Yeah, that will get them involved with a big, burnt up breast-feeding cat. [Laughs.]

As "Vertigo" a comic as I can think of is to have that in there.

Nrama: We're a few issues into the book. Are your hopes to take this further than the planned six issues?

Seeley: It's a six-issue series, but we developed it into a sort of Hellboy kind of thing, where we can come back and do individual stories as long as people are into it.

Credit: Stephen Molnar/Quinton Winter/Carlos M. Mangual (DC Comics/Vertigo)

I've got plenty of story to come up with, but this is a six-issue story.

Nrama: Does the Fraidy Cat part of the story conclude with this mini-series?

Seeley: Yeah, we'll wrap up the Fraidy Cat story in this arc.

Nrama: But you have a whole world mapped out already, for things to go beyond this one story?

Credit: Stephen Molnar/Quinton Winter/Carlos M. Mangual (DC Comics/Vertigo)

Seeley: Oh yeah. Yeah.

Nrama: Was that the way you approached it from the start?

Seeley: With this kind of stuff, I start off really macro and big - even if it's still a little bit vague, it's all up there.

And then, I try to focus it down to a beginning - an introductory arc.

Nrama: Wait, do you already have an ending to the bigger story?

Seeley: Yeah, I know the massive ending.

So if everybody checks this out and picks up a trade or picks up the monthly issues, we could totally do this for the next 10 years.

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