UNCANNY AVENGERS Alums Take Over Marvel's CHAMPIONS Ongoing

Champions #19
Credit: Sean Izaakse (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Sean Izaakse (Marvel Comics)

Writer Jim Zub and artist Sean Izaakse are taking over Marvel's Champions title with April's #19, according to CBR. The duo, who previously worked together on the Thunderbolts and Uncanny Avengers titles, will formally induct Wasp (Nadia Pym) and Ironheart (Riri Williams) into the group.

"It’s early on in the process with Champions but, so far, the core for me has been bridging the gap between youth and adulthood – Who we are in that awkward time full of potential when adult responsibilities start to enter our lives and we realize things aren’t as easy as they once were when we were young," Zub said. "There’s still a lot of fun and adventure to be had, but it’s tinged with more complex problems looming on the horizon."

April's Champions #19 kicks off a new storyline called "Northern Lights" where the team investigates mysterious activities on some floating glaciers.

Look for Marvel's full April 2018 solicits later this week, here at Newsarama.

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