Superhero Dating App & a 'Bunch' of New Characters Imminent in SEELEY's GREEN LANTERNS

Green Lanterns #41 variant
Credit: Brandon Peterson (DC Comics)
Credit: Will Conrad (DC Comics)

As Tim Seeley's run on Green Lanterns enters its second storyline, readers will be introduced to what he calls a "whole bunch of crazy new superheroes" while the writer is also mining old concepts with a visit to the "Hellhole" planet Garnet.

Originally launched in June 2015, Green Lanterns focuses on two of Earth's newest recruits to the Green Lantern Corps, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. With the recent conclusion of the first arc by Seeley, the book is now turning its attention to the mysterious disappearance Simon's love interest, the new superhero named Night Pilot.

Readers will also get a return of a concept that influenced Seeley a couple decades ago - the planet Garnet, also called "Hellhole," from back during John Ostrander's early 1990s DC work. The location ties into a human trafficking-focused story that incorporates a dating app for superheroes.

In the second installment of our two-part interview with the writer (check out the first part here), Newsarama talked to Seeley about what's coming up in Green Lanterns for him and artists Barnaby Bagenda and V. Ken Marion.

Newsarama: Tim, can you describe this next storyline? We saw a hint of it as the last storyline ended.

Tim Seeley: Yeah, it's kind of a two-level set-up here.

Simon has been using this app to date. And he's met this girl that he really likes.

Nrama: Night Pilot - it was really unusual, seeing this new superhero introduced in that situation. She didn't seem quite as interested in Simon as he was in her.

Seeley: [Laughs] Yeah, she didn't instantly return his calls and his affections, so he's kind of wondering what's going on there.

Credit: Brandon Peterson (DC Comics)

Nrama: But as we saw at the end of last issue, his hook-up with Night Pilot through that dating app was the start of something much bigger and more sinister. Sheesh - can't a guy just use a dating app?

Tim Seeley: [Laughs] Yeah, it's a superhero comic. It goes without saying, in a superhero comic, basically everything has to be something for them to punch. [Laughs]

But we'll see how this ties into this human-trafficking story.

But also, it's a story about Simon and Jess. We haven't seen her in any romantic connections. We haven't seen her talk about it.

Nrama: Hmmm… good point. So this story gets into how she hasn't dated?

Seeley: Yeah, we'll see why that is. But it's also going to deal with Simon and Jessica's relationship with each other.

Nrama: Uh oh.

Seeley: Yeah! When they sign up for this app, are they going to show up as good matches for each other? What does that mean?

Nrama: Yeah, because they haven't really had a spark, but it's something that would probably come up at some point.

Credit: Will Conrad (DC Comics)

Seeley: Yeah, it kind of plays off that idea, and a lot of us have had this happen, where you have a friend of the opposite sex and you try really hard not to think of them romantically, but something suggests it and you have to deal with it.

So that's a good way for me to tell a big, crazy superhero story but also have a more intimate, human story between our two leads.

Nrama: OK, then after that storyline, can you tell readers what they can expect in 2018? You have this planned out?

Seeley: Yeah, I'm way ahead, which is great, so I know what's coming.

Nrama: Anything you can tell readers?

Seeley: The trafficking story will take our characters all over the universe, and we'll get to deal with and see some stuff that I pulled from the depths of the back-issues of Green Lantern stories.

Nrama: Some nostalgia for long time fans?

Seeley: Yeah! We're going to send the Lanterns to the planet Garnet, which is also known as "Hellhole," which hasn't been seen, I think, since the '90s maybe, but it had a big impact on me as a kid. So I really wanted to come back to that.

Credit: Brandon Peterson (DC Comics)

Nrama: Do Simon and Jessica end up there?

Seeley: Yeah, and I really wanted to show how Simon and Jess deal with a planet where no one respects them.

Nrama: Will we meet more superheroes like Night Pilot?

Seeley: Yeah, we'll introduce a whole bunch of crazy new superheroes and put them up against the technology of - well, the technology of dating services.

Nrama: Crazy. And after that? You said we learn more about Jessica's ring?

Seeley: Yeah, the next arc is basically, like, a Lantern horror story. That's what I come from - doing that kind of story most comfortably.

So I'm going to do something with Jessica that's tied into what makes her unique and why she has the ring she has, but also how that affects Simon, because when bad things happen to his partner, he's totally drawn into it.

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