DC'S NEW AGE OF HEROES Getting Commercials on TBS, TNT, SYFY, ADULT SWIM, EL REY, TRU TV And Movie Theaters

Still from 'DC's New Age of Heroes' TV ad
Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics has partnered with National CineMedia foe two ommercials promoting its "New Age of Heroes" line on television and in movie theaters. The publisher and NCM previously partnered for similar theater promotions for its "New 52" and "Rebirth" relaunches in 2011 and 2016, respectively.

These commercials are scheduled to air on several Warner Bros.-owned cable networks including TBS, El Rey, Syfy, Adult Swim, TruTV and TNT, alond with the CW's website and app during airing of the DC-CW shows.

Here are the commercials, designed to promote the new line of artist-driven books and drive traffic to DC's direct retailers:


DC will also prepare :15 and :30 second spots which retailers can purchase, to run in local theaters with the retailer's information included in the ad. DC is offering a 50% reimbursement to retailers who purchase the ad space with NCM.

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