DOOM PATROL #12 Taken Off DC's Schedule For Now

DC Comics December 2017 solicitations
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics have cancelled retailers order for the solicited Doom Patrol #12, but said they plan to resolicit the issue "at a future date." Diamond continues to list the title in its database, however comiXology has removed the issue from its database entirely.

Originally solicited to come out December 27, 2017, Doom Patrol #12 was most-recently updated to a March 21, 2018 date.

The "Young Animal" flagship title has been beset by delays, with Doom Patrol #10now set to come out January 24 and Doom Patrol #11 for March 14 - three and four months behind schedule, respectively.

No reason was given for these changes, but follows delays for several previous issues of this title.

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