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Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC co-publisher Dan DiDio has some updates for fans patiently waiting for the return of Shazam, the Legion of Super-Heroes, and the JSA - all characters still missing from the publisher's line since its 2016 "Rebirth" relaunch - including some news about a potential creative team for Shazam.

"In this particular case with Shazam, we have the right team, we’re just waiting for them to be available," DiDio told Multiversity. "That’s one of the cases there. With a lot of this stuff, it’s interesting with characters like Shazam, and you know what, there’s a couple of books that constantly come up, Shazam, Legion of Super-Heroes, and Justice Society of America."

Of course, DiDio didn't offer any details of who that creative team might be. However, he did hint that of the properties mentioned, two have ties to a current DC event. 

"A couple of those are actually tied to an event story that’s taking place right now, and hopefully we’ll be able to come out of that in a way that gives it a lift, and hopefully brings new attention and new eyes to those books so they can live a long, healthy life," DiDio continued. "With Shazam, we’re really just waiting for one particular creative team to come free. They’ve expressed so much interest in it that we’re just holding it for them until that period of time."

DiDio may be referring to Doomsday Clock, in which DC's heroes crossover with the Watchmen universe. That story has been shown to also have ties to the Justice Society, a few members of which have appeared sporadically since "Rebirth."

As for the Legion and Shazam, Shazam was seen in promo art for "Rebirth," and the Legion's Phantom Girl will be a member of the upcoming Terrifics, forming in the wake of Dark Nights: Metal - a series in which longtime JSA member Hawkman also plays a major role.

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