[Redacted] has a Surprising Proposal in X-MEN: GOLD #20 - SPOILERS

X-Men: Gold #20
Credit: Marvel Comics

As the X-Men are trapped on an alien world, an old flame rekindles in this week’s X-Men: Gold #20 from writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Diego Bernard – and two X-Men take their relationship to the next level.

Spoilers ahead for X-Men: Gold #20.

Credit: Marvel Comics

With the X-Men trapped on a distant, desert planet in the Negative Zone, the members of the team scramble to survive their injuries, and the looming sandstorm.

Lost in the vast desert, Kitty tends to a traumatically injured Colossus who clings to life as Kitty phases both of their bodies through the sandstorm. Colossus implores Kitty to leave him there to die, not wanting her to die as well. She refuses – and the pair are rescued by Storm and the other X-Men in the nick of time.

Back on Earth, his injuries healing, Colossus and Kitty talk about what happened. Kitty says when she couldn’t leave Colossus’ side in the desert, she realized she would never leave him – and asks Colossus to marry her, effectively confirming his marriage proposal from all the way back in X-Men: Gold #9.

The story continues in X-Men: Gold #21, on shelves February 7.

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