BATMAN #39 Puts Surprising Character Between CATWOMAN & BRUCE WAYNE - SPOILERS

Batman #39 spoiler art
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Spoilers ahead for Batman #39.

Catwoman might have some competition for Bruce Wayne's affections after the events of Batman #39 by Tom King and Joelle Jones - and the surprising threat to their pre-wedding bliss is Wonder Woman.

To be fair, thanks to the science and magic of comic books, Bruce Wayne has spent what feels like 10 years away from Catwoman - and 10 years with Wonder Woman.

How did that happen?

Well, it all starts in present-day Gotham City when Commissioner Gordon notices the Bat-Signal has been activated - not by him - and runs to find out who did it. When he gets to the rooftop, he discovers that the Bat Signal was turned on by Wonder Woman.

And who's going to challenge Wonder Woman, right?

Batman shows up, Gordon leaves, and the two costumed heroes talk. (And by the way, she tells him she chose to use the signal instead of the Justice League communicator because she thought it would be fun.)

Credit: DC Comics

Wonder Woman says the Gentle Man has contacted her, and he's ready for them to fulfill a promise they made some years back.

Who's the Gentle Man? Well, it turns out that he's anything but gentle.

Credit: DC Comics

Wonder Woman and Batman happened upon the Gentle Man during a recent mission, discovering that he's been constantly fighting the "Hordes of Gehenna" who "forever try to break our realm," battling them for thousands of years. Before Wonder Woman and Batman were rescued from the Gentle Man's realm (by Zatanna), they fought beside him and offered to come back and take his place should he ever want to rest.

Well, he's ready for that rest.

So Diana and Bruce take his place in that other inescapable realm.

And the Gentle Man comes to the DCU Earth for his vacation of sorts.

The Gentle Man is greeted by Catwoman (who was briefed on the whole thing by Bruce). After she gives him some clothing to wear and takes him out for a bite to eat, he explains that he's actually only been gone from Earth for a year. Time is different in that other realm, so although it feels to him like he's been fighting for thousands of years, it hasn't been that long in the time of this realm.

Credit: DC Comics

In fact, the Gentle Man surprises Selina by telling her that he has a wife who's been waiting for him to visit, so he leaves to give his beloved a call.

So … although Wonder Woman and Batman have only been gone a few hours, it feels to them like they have spent 10 years together. They have fought side-by-side, joking and enjoying their time together as they battle monsters.

As the book ends, Diana and Bruce start to realize the Gentle Man has not returned in years, so they might never leave. As they are sitting by a fire in a cave one night, Diana says:

"All we have, forever, is you and me."

Credit: DC Comics

That realization starts to sink in, and Wonder Woman leans toward Bruce. On the last panel, Bruce leans back toward her, as the two are about to kiss.

Batman #40 is scheduled for release February 7.

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