BUZZ and PAT BRODERICK Named 2018 INKWELL Ambassadors

Pat Broderick & Buzz
Credit: Inkwell Awards

Buzz and Pat Broderick have been named the Inkwell Awards' newest creative ambassadors. As the group celebrates its 10th season anniversary, Buzz and Broderick are tasked to "help further the group’s mission of public promotion, education and recognition of the art form of inking and ink artists in the U.S. comic book industry."

“It's always thrilling to have two veteran and fan-favorite creators like Buzz and Pat accept our invitation to add further credibility and exposure,” said Inkwell Awards founder and director Bob Almond. “I grew up enjoying Pat's work. It's been wonderful the last few years seeing him and his wife Pat return to convention touring, working on commissions and being back on comic assignments. He has been nothing but respectful of our mission and supportive of our non-profit. Buzz, meanwhile, has been a top professional and prolific Inkwell donor over the years. I was pleasantly stunned last year when, unsolicited, he offered to join us as a Special Ambassador to assist with fundraising and maximize those efforts. Buzz's massive show exposure, his recognition, contacts and influence make him a worthy and extraordinary asset to us. With improved funding and resources, we can aspire to accomplish more than ever before."

Previous ambassadors include Adam Hughes, Ethan Van Sciver, Phil Jimenez, Jim Shooter, Jim Starlin, Laura Martin, and the late Joe Kubert.

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