RUGRATS' REPTAR Gets The Spotlight in April 2018 Special

 "Rugrats: R Is For Reptar 2018 Special #1" cover
Credit: Savanna Ganucheau (BOOM! Studios)
Credit: Matt Frank (BOOM! Studios)

Hot on the heels of BOOM! Studios' Rugats comic book title, the green dinosaur Reptar is getting his moment in the sun with an anthology special. Rugrats: R is for Reptar 2018 Special #1 recounts the Rugrats family's favorite Reptar stories by writer Nicole Andelfinger and artists Edras Cristóbal, Sarah Webb, Brittney Williams, and Ilaria Catalani.

“The fans demanded it and now we’re thrilled to put the spotlight on Reptar,” said BOOM! editor Whitney Leopard. “While you’ve seen the world’s favorite green dino in our monthly Rugrats series, we knew that was only the beginning. Now you’re going to see that there’s no such thing as too much Reptar!”

Rugrats: R is for Reptar 2018 Special #1 is scheduled to be released in April.

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