ORLANDO & BROWN's Creator-Owned CRUDE Brings Familial Intrigue & Deep State Drama to IMAGE/SKYBOUND

Crude #1
Credit: SkyBound
Credit: SkyBound

This April 11, writer Steve Orlando and artist Garry Brown will launch Crude, a new creator-owned series from SkyBound Entertainment.

Crude tells the story of a former Soviet assassin working to solve the mystery of his son's death - and coming to better know his son, who never came out to him before he died.

The title refers to the story's setting, a town controlled by a powerful oil corporation.

Steve Orlando signed an exclusive agreement with DC Comics in 2016, however since this project was established prior to that deal the writer is able to work on it concurrent to Justice League of America and other projects for DC and Vertigo.

Here is the solicitation for Crude #1 - look for Image Comics' full April 2018 solicits later this month on Newsarama.

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Garry Brown
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Crude is the story of former-assassin Piotr Petrovich Bilibin getting to know the son whose true life he didn’t understand. Piotr tried to love his son, Kiril, but fear of himself drove him to keep Kiril at a distance. When it came time for Kiril to come out, he assumed Piotr would never understand, so he sought freedom in desolate refinery city of Blackstone. He died there, forcing Piotr to retrace his son's footsteps and investigate. But Blackstone is controlled by the massive oil refining company Petropinnacle, who employed Kiril when he died. Caught in a turf war between corporations, organized crime, and an upstart worker's revolution that might've known Kiril, Piotr has no choice but to fight through the chaos to avenge his son...and maybe, finally, discover who he truly was.

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