BOOSTER GOLD's 'Rebirth' Origin Revealed in ACTION COMICS #995 - Spoilers

Action Comics #995
Credit: Brett Booth/Norm Rapmund/Andrew Dalhouse/Rob Leigh (DC Comics)

Spoilers ahead for this week's Action Comics #995.

Booster Gold's origin city is officially Gotham City - eliminating DC's claims during the "New 52" that he was Canadian. And in another DC story involving time travel, Action Comics #995 has not only re-told Booster Gold's origin to confirm the post-Crisis version, but it's landed Superman and Booster Gold on a planet controlled by the family of Zod.

So how did Action Comics #995 confirm Booster Gold's Gotham City origin?

Super Booster

To review, Action Comics is in the midst of the "Booster Shot" storyline that sees Superman working with Booster Gold to investigate the real story behind the mysterious Mr. Oz.

So far in the story, Superman hasn't been able to verify Mr. Oz's claim that he is actually his father, Jor-El. During the recent "Oz Effect" storyline, Mr. Oz told Superman that he had been ripped from the planet Krypton at the moment it exploded, saved but then imprisoned by a mysterious entity. (That entity appears to be Doctor Manhattan - or at least someone who's teleporting characters in a blue-hued zap and imprisoning them somewhere outside time).

As this issue's story kicks off, the time sphere has suffered damage and needs repaired. And Booster, Skeets and Superman have landed in 25th Century Gotham.

Credit: Brett Booth/Norm Rapmund/Andrew Dalhouse/Rob Leigh (DC Comics)

"We're... home?!" Booster says, confirming that this time and place are his official origin. Skeets announces that it's Gotham City, 2462, shortly after Booster (then known as football player Michael Jon Carter) stole a time sphere and disappeared into the past.

As the two are attacked by an Eradicator of the future, the authorities notice Booster's presence. He is captured, and Superman and Skeets escape to try to repair the sphere.

Credit: Brett Booth/Norm Rapmund/Andrew Dalhouse/Rob Leigh (DC Comics)


Daddy Issues

Not only is the relationship between Superman and Jor-El at the center of the journey in "Booster Shot," but two other father-related threads are running through the storyline.

Credit: Brett Booth/Norm Rapmund/Andrew Dalhouse/Rob Leigh (DC Comics)

While Booster and Superman are in the future, Lois Lane is still in the present-day DCU. In this issue, she's breaking into an air force base in Logamba to help her father, who's been captured and sentenced to death. Lois thought that Jon was left at home under the watchful eye of Perry White, but of course Superboy snuck out and has followed Lois.

Back in the future, Booster Gold is thrown into a jail cell with his abusive, deadbeat father, the man who made young Booster throw his football games so Dad could pay some debts. Unsurprisingly, Dad is still a jerk, willing to sell out his son to get out of jail.

Credit: Brett Booth/Norm Rapmund/Andrew Dalhouse/Rob Leigh (DC Comics)

Nearby, Superman tells Skeets that he believes Booster should face the punishment for his crimes, but Skeets convinces him that Booster going back in time was what was "supposed to happen" - just like baby Superman traveling from Krypton to Earth was supposed to happen. The two decide to break Booster free, with Superman justifying the action by saying the world is better off with Booster Gold free and being a hero.

After nabbing the parts they need to fix the time sphere, Superman and Booster make one side stop - to see Booster's mom and tell her what happened to her vanished son.

Credit: Brett Booth/Norm Rapmund/Andrew Dalhouse/Rob Leigh (DC Comics)


Credit: Brett Booth/Norm Rapmund/Andrew Dalhouse/Rob Leigh (DC Comics)

Back to Krypton?

By the end of the issue, Superman and Booster have crash landed (because of the previously mentioned Eradicator). They're on a strange planet with two suns where Zod is ruler. The last time readers saw Zod, he, Ursa and Lor-Zod flew off to find a planet to conquer for themselves, and if solicitations are any indication, we'll see more of Lor-Zod soon in the story.

This still doesn't answer the questions about Mr. Oz, but the issue did clear up any questions about Booster's origin story. Then again, maybe Gotham City of the 25th Century is part of Canada?

This "Booster Shot" arc continues in January 24's Action Comics #996.

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